Just my type

Just my type

Alright then. Let’s start this again and actually write my first ever design blog. Before I dive in, here is a little introduction about me and why I’ve started this collection of all my favourite design things – just in case you ask.

At the moment it’s 7.30 in the morning and I’m barely awake, so chances are I’ll keep today’s musings short and sweet. Or not. We’ll see. Anyway, without much further ado, let me reveal the first design passion that comes to mind before coffee:


Yep, there it is – I’m a nutter for the visual art of written words. A well-designed font makes me all fuzzy inside. I’ve been known to spend hours going through typefaces, weighing up pros and cons of appearance and legibility, adjusting the tracking (that’s the space between letters in a word) and making sure no typo messes with my carefully constructed creations.

Typography is a wide field. I could go into all kinds of science and typographical correctness (Did I use the terms ‘typeface’ and ‘font’ correctly? No? The horror!!!), but this blog is not about academic precision and instead all about my personal likes, so here, out of the top of my head, are my top five typefaces at this particular moment in time:

1. Master of Break

Marie loves swirly type

My absolute favourite and the star of my own visual freelance identity. Swirly, fun and well-designed by Clément Nicolle at StereoType Fonts. Looking at it makes me so happy, especially the M – which is after all my number one letter!

2. Frutiger

Marie loves Adrian Frutiger

Consider this my taking a deep bow to the late Adrian Frutiger, Swiss font designer extraordinaire and stickler for classic, accurately drawn typefaces that put legibility above all. His self-titled creation has been my first font love since I consciously laid eyes on it over 20 years ago and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. I just dig everything about it!

3. Headliner No. 45

Marie loves Grunge and Karl Marx

Am I the only one who is reminded of former so-called ‘communist’ propaganda? Having been brought up in East Germany before the Wall came down, I can only assume this is a deeply ingrained, psychological preference based on my happy childhood (and I’m saying that without being cynical). Add a grungy, distressed finish and you got me! Big kudos to typeface designer Kevin Christopher at KC Fonts.

4. Roboto Condensed

Marie loves condensed type

In my humble opinion, Roboto is the best designed web font out there. That’s probably why it’s also one of the most popular ones. But I’m particularly fond (no pun) of its condensed shades – a big plus in my (e)books! You can embed Christian Robertson’s Roboto Condensed directly from Google Fonts.

5. F2F Simbolico Regular

Marie loves aliens

When it comes to pictogram typefaces, this one is full of beans. As a lover of naïve art, I’m drawn (again, no pun) to its kooky, unpolished appearance. But it’s also well-constructed (by Berlin-based graphic designer Alessio Leonardi) and comes with lots of different quirky images. I mean it has an alien and a spaceship! F2F Simbolico is included in Linotype’s Originals Library (ouch!) or you can get your copy here.

So, that’s it – my top five favourite typefaces. Aww, look at them! Aren’t they lovely!? Makes me think I should start out every day by ogling well-designed fonts. But then, on second thoughts, where was my coffee…

Anyway, that’s my first ever design blog done. I actually got quite a kick out of it, so stay tuned for more design musings pretty soon.

PS: As an afterthought and on a more gloomy f(r)ont, Gill Sans makes me cringe. Bleugh!

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