Hello blog, my old friend…

…or maybe we’re not friends anymore. It’s been a while. A shameful glance tells me I’ve been neglecting you for over a year. And I’m really, really sorry but life got in the way and…

Well, forget all that. If you are anything like my other good old friends who I haven’t spoken to in ages, we will just pick up where we were and not sweat the time were were apart.

Because I have good news for you: I wanna visit you more often! Yes, things have changed! I’ve finally found a purpose for you and that will make all the difference. I promise!

What’s the new thing, you wanna know? Well, I’ve been learning. A lot. And as it is ‘Learn Something New Week’, I might as well start to tell you about it. I gotta be honest, I also got inspired by a write-up about how important it is to share your work, so why not do it here. But let me just give you a quick summary of what I’ve done so far:

Back in December last year, I started with UX design, spent quite a bit of money on the General Assembly course and worked on a great project that I will tell you all about in time.

I’m also redesigning my website with Sketch, and currently building it from scratch, using newly acquired HTML and CSS skills from Lynda.com. Excellent training source. So there will be a lot to chat about.

Then I threw in a course in Keynote which had me build a fun presentation for my InDesign for Beginners teaching class. Again, I’ll make something special out of that eventually and tell you all about it.

Anyway, lots to tell and you, blog – my old friend, will help me spread the story. So, let me get back to my current endeavour and I’ll speak to you soon!

Happy learning, folks!

PS: And, yeah, I agree, you gotta have your own redesign. In time, my friend, in time.

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