Naïve art and cats – part 1

Snow Again by Vicky Mount

Snow Again by Vicky Mount

I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it but I have a tremendous love for cats in naïve art. Those two just go so well together! And that is probably why there are so many artists out there who combine them in the most beautiful ways. This is part 1 of a blog series I appropriately call ‘Naïve art and cats’. Stay tuned – there will be many more of them.

I’m starting off with the skilfully executed artwork of one of my favourite painters, Vicky Mount. Vicky is one of those artists who make me wish I’d stuck with painting when I was younger. I’d love to be able to create naïve art that I’d be proud to hang on my walls. Alas, becoming a full-time graphic designer had satisfied my creative thirst early on and I’ve never really picked up my painter’s brush again since I left school.

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