Being a smart arse

Lots of quotation marks

Learn here how to get quotation marks right. Or wrong.

Be warned. I’m about to have a rant. Something is tickling my inner demons. And has been for the last 20 years at least. I just can’t take it any longer! Things must be said.

If you’re not, unlike me, a graphic designer with OCD, you might laugh because it’s a teeny-tiny problem. Yes, they are teeny-tiny things, though for me as enjoyable as a swarm of gnats. I’m talking about quotation marks. Or more to the point, the straight – also more accurately called dumb – quotation mark.

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Waffle on tomorrow


Who needs Lorem Ipsum if you can just waffle on in proper English? A couple of hours’ getting my head around this WordPress template has taken its toll and I’m off to bed. Not without some descriptive Photoshop work, though. Alas, design evaluation has to wait. Tomorrow is another day…